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Advanced Direct Restorative Procedures

The Dental College of Georgia, 1430 John Wesley Gilbert Dr, Augusta, United States     HEALTH AND WELLNESS

This hands-on lecture course aims to update the general practitioner on a variety of topics that affect the biological response, esthetics and longevity of composite restorations. In Part I, posterior composites will be discussed including: different bonding protocols as well as the stress reducing direct composite restoration technique (SRDC). In addition, participants will gain insight into the management of large Class II that require cusp build-up, decision making between packable and bulk-fill compo sites and advanced matrix systems techniques. In Part II, you will increase your knowledge...

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Pediatric Dentistry at the Beach

Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort, 23 Ocean Ln, Hilton Head Island, United States     HEALTH AND WELLNESS

The purpose of this course is to update the dental provider on current concepts in the non-surgical and surgical management of dental caries. Dr. Donly will provide a review of the most current techniques for prevention, diagnosis, and management of enamel demineralization. He will also review a wide range of restorative materials and techniques, including risk assessment utilization in decision-making, based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Symposium on Pediatric Restorative Dentistry.

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Next month

Esthetic Continuum

The Dental College of Georgia, 1430 John Wesley Gilbert Dr, Augusta, United States     HEALTH

This program will present a systematic step-by-step approach to resolve esthetic problems with predictable results and improved laboratory support. It will cover critical details of porcelain veneers and all ceramic crown techniques in terms of system selection, cement, adhesive selection, and bonding sequence. It will also cover the occlusal management of esthetic cases in order to minimize porcelain fractures and complications. The participant will have the opportunity to apply what has been demonstrated via a hands-on exercise in our state-of-the art simulation laboratory. Additional releva...

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november 2017

Indirect Ceramic Restorations Hands-On

The Dental College of Georgia, 1430 John Wesley Gilbert Dr, Augusta, United States     HEALTH

This hands-on lecture course is intended for the general practitioner with the purpose of exposing him to new dental materials and techniques in the field of indirect restorative dentistry. This course will increase your knowledge on the different preparation designs and cementation protocols as well as the use of CAD-CAM technology for fast and accurate digital impressions. In addition, participants will gain current information on the selection of the best ceramic substrate based on esthetic needs.

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december 2017

Last Chance Dental CE

J Harold Harrison MD Education Commons, 1459 Laney Walker Blvd, Augusta, United States     HEALTH

Lifelong learning in Dentistry is an ongoing challenge as technology and treatment modalities are constantly improving and expanding. Last Chance Dental CE features a wide variety of clinical topics to meet the needs of dentists who desire to improve their diagnostic and treatment skills, and ultimately their efficiency and productivity. This program will provide a wide variety of topics ranging from ergonomics to predictable extractions in addition to updated information pertinent to every general dentist. We are excited to provide such a diverse program for 2017 that will include topics of i...

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