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Konzert: Stellar - Wandering Stars Suite

Hafven Café, Kopernikusstraße 14, Hanover, Germany

Musikalischer Kodex für Una Corda, Celesta, Harp und Elektronik Damian Marhulets - Komposition, Tasteninstrumente, Elektronik Linda Frank - Harfe Marcin Sieniawski - Cello STELLAR - Wandering Stars Suite is a musical codex touching upon themes of celestial mechanics, heretical astrology and stellar geometry. Channeling the work of the 16th century Danish astronomer/alchemist Tycho Brache, dark romanticism of E.A. Poe and a mysterious treatise on lunar astronomy written in 1608 by Johannes Kepler, the suite of electroacoustic miniatures references baroque doom, vintage SF film music and sur...

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