This month

AI: Ethical Challenges and a Fast-Approaching Future

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, United States

A panel discussion by SCU faculty on the implications of artificial intelligence for individuals and society. #AIethics Artificial intelligence has been big news lately, but what does it really mean for us as individuals and as a society? In this panel discussion, Santa Clara University professors from the Schools of Business and Engineering, as well as the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, will look beyond the hype to highlight what is significant about AI and discuss the ethical questions that it raises. Panelists *Maya Ackerman, assistant professor, SCU School of Engineering *Sanjiv Da...

North Korea, Nuclear Weapons, and the Threat of War

Recital Hall, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, United States

An expert panel discusses ethical approaches to North Korea. lt has now become clear that North Korea not only has nuclear weapons, but also is developing intercontinental missiles with the potential capacity to strike the continental United States. What are the latest facts about the North Korean weapons? How does this crisis affect South Korea, Japan, China, and other Asian countries, in addition to the United States? And what are the possible ethical and policy responses to the current situation? William Perry, Kathleen Stephens, and Jeffrey Lewis, three of the leading American experts on ...

Next month

The Rule of Law and Ethics: How Personal Restraint Promotes Free

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, United States

SCU Philosophy Professor Brian Buckley presents on the rule of law and ethics. The concept of the rule of law developed in the early modern period in the West as a response to kings invoking divine right to set themselves above the obligations of civil law. According to the rule of law, everyone – including the king – is subject to the law. Brian Buckley, senior lecturer, SCU Department of Philosophy, will unpack the history and meaning of the idea with special attention to its particular ethical character and with an eye toward its applicability in the present day. Refreshments provided...

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