march 2018

Surplus does London with Tribazik, Lacertilia, Skraelings n more

Surplus Festival, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Surplus hits London for the first time! We're teaming up with our comrades at Reknaw sounds and the good folk at T Chances to bring you a happy go lucky indoor festival vibe with all of the thrills and none of the frills . . a no nonsense, sweaty, punkadelic mish mash of underground sounds and anarchic chaos. That's right. We've got an all star cast of fezzie bands to entertain, amuse and abuse you including: TRIBAZIK Rave/Psychedelic/Metal LACERTILIA Cosmic/Groove/Rock THE SKRAELINGS Punk/Rock/Fezzie-core

"All your favourites events, in a few clicks"