septemper 2018

Megalomania; a Dictator Chips special


a Dictator Chips special about Megalomania -a self-important preoccupation with power and control - and Cult of personality. In popular usage in western nations, "dictatorship" is often associated with brutality and oppression. As a result, it is often also used as a term of abuse for political opponents. The term has also come to be associated with megalomania. Many dictators create a cult of personality and have come to favor increasingly grandiloquent titles and honours for themselves. For instance, Idi Amin Dada, who had been a British army lieutenant prior to Uganda's independence from B...

april 2019

Poker Chips a Dictator Chips special

B32, Maastricht, Netherlands

Get your poker face in shape for the next Dictator Chips special! Play Russian Roulette (the corporate version, not the corporal) and win all the Chips you can get! Take a Bath in Money in our glorious Photo Booth, and feel like a million bucks! This and much more brought to by the one and only Dictator Chips! Spring 2018! Dictator Chips / Expo/ Music / Russian Roulette / Coup Cakes / Photo boot /and much more!

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