This month

LUNCH TIME! Body languages

THINK Open Space, Bredgatan 11, Helsingborg, Sweden

"It's often not what you say - but how you say it that will affect the result!" Join us when Fredrik Jacobson give us a lesson on the secrets of communication. He will provide us with the most groundbreaking techniques to stand out and gain confidence every time we talk. His presentation will take everyone on an exciting and humorous journey to understand how the right body language makes the whole difference. We really hope to see you there! __________________________________________________________________ ✨ LUNCH TIME! ✨ During 30-40 minutes you can enjoy your lunch while listeni...

Startup Communications breakfast

THINK Open Space, Bredgatan 11, Helsingborg, Sweden

Is there a difference between communication activities within startups and other companies or organisations? How does a day as communications manager look at a startup accelerator? If you are interested in communications and fast-moving companies - this is an event for you! With a panel of communications experts from different organisations active in the startup scene in Helsingborg and a part of the startup system in the whole region, we will try to break down how the communication activities manifest. Startup Communications breakfast is a joint event between THINK Accelerate, Sopact, Ør...

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