Possible Legal Fees For CBD From Hemp/ Veterans Of War

   Saturday, April 20th 2019, at 16:20 (local time)

    B-Town Botanicals Hydroponics And CBD - 339 East Winslow Road, Bloomington, United States

Possible Legal Fees For CBD From Hemp/ Veterans Of War

We are accepting donations to fund any possible legal fees for selling non-psychoactive CBD oil from hemp. If the state backs down all money raised will be donated to our Veterans. Its a gray area in the law but It’s legal in all 50 states and their is no legislature that proves any different but I was advised that I can be arrested for selling CBD Oil from hemp. There are too many people that can benefit so I’m putting my life on the line for you. Recently a close friend, a veteran of war, was murdered as a direct result of the senseless war on drugs. He would be alive today if he was able to continue medicating himself with cannabis. Come by today and donate if you can. You can also call the store and make a donation with your debit or credit card or I can also send you a request through PayPal if you send me your email address and amount you would like to donate. Thank you so much for your support. Hopefully we will not have any problems with any state agency and we will donate everything we raise to the Wounded Warriors Family Support www.wwfs.org/ Hopefully we can have a nice event as we raised so much for these wounded soldiers. I know the state wouldn’t want to take money alway from wounded soldiers that are in need of our help. Let’s put this money where it matters back into the people in need.

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