Reading the Danger Signs: High Risk Prevention

   From Wednesday, Septemper 12nd 2018, at 08:00 (local time)
   To Wednesday, Septemper 12nd 2018, at 17:00 (local time)

    Central Missouri Police Academy (University of Central Missouri) - 200 Ming Street, Warrensburg, United States

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Reading the Danger Signs: High Risk Prevention

This Missouri POST approved course focuses on body language – specifically body language from the neck down to assess a given threat. Participants will analyze behavioral clusters rather than individual behavioral indicators, which are universal and not gender or cultural specific. This training engages participants to increase their observational skills specific to a subject who is preparing to flee, fight or freeze. Participants will also be exposed to background research and how to apply that knowledge to current tactics, while discussing personal experiences. The course also features applicable videos and an interpretive practical exercise that exposes participants to a variety of non-verbal behavior ques subject to observation and analysis.

[POST CEU: 4-hours Interpersonal and 4-hours Technical Skill].

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