Sunday July-Aug-Sept HANDGUN CARRY PERMIT CLASS $47.50


   From Sunday, July 29th 2018, at 08:00 (local time)
   To Sunday, July 29th 2018, at 16:00 (local time)

    Frontier Firearms Family Shooting Center - 1218 Gallaher Road, Kingston, United States

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Sunday July-Aug-Sept HANDGUN CARRY PERMIT CLASS $47.50

Tennessee Handgun Permit Class ~ $47.50.*
After coupons and lunch, your net cost is only $19.50 - a fraction of what other Handgun Carry Permit Schools Charge. *Plus $3.18 online ticketing processing fee.

STANDARD TICKET includes instruction, day of class range fees, free use of eye & ear protection, targets, pizza lunch, a free 1 Day Range Pass ($13) that you can use anytime and a $10 OFF coupon for store purchases. Net Cost = $19.50.

PREMIUM TICKET is only $15 more or $62.50* and includes the use of a handgun with ammunition, instruction, day of class range fees, free use of eye & ear protection, targets, pizza lunch, a free 1 Day Range Pass ($13) that you can use anytime and a $10 OFF coupon for store purchases.

* You will see a small fee added to your ticket. Eventbrite Ticketing host charges this fee for processing.
Free Lunch, Range Pass, and $10 Coupon with Every Ticket!

Price includes instruction, range time, use of eye and ear protection, and targets. Premium tickets include use handgun with ammunition.
You MUST go online and complete the State Handgun Carry Permit before class. Use this link:
State Handgun Permit Application.

About Our Handgun Carry Permit Class
Our course is taught in our State inspected and, certified handgun academy and indoor shooting range by State and Nationally certified instructors. The Handgun Permit Course is open to men and women sixteen years or older. However, to obtain a permit, you must be within twelve months of your twenty-first birthday and must be twenty-one years old before applying for a Permit. Please note that applications and class certifications expire twelve months from the date of your class. Class length is mandated by the State of Tennessee at eight (8) hours excluding lunch.

In Our Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit class you will learn:
►Permit qualification and application process
►Firearm safety and maintenance
►State and Federal law relating to handgun carry
►When the use of deadly force may be justified
►Criminal & civil ramifications of using deadly force
►Handgun and ammunition instruction*
►Firing range protocol and marksmanship

In the Classroom: Each student is required to take a short-written exam.

On the Range: Each student must shoot a short course of handgun fire in our modern, clean indoor range consisting of firing 50 rounds: 20 rounds at three yards, 20 rounds at five yards, and ten rounds at seven yards.

Students are NOT required to shoot the same handgun that they later may wish carry. Feel free to bring and shoot your 22LR pistol or revolver. Or purchase the Premium Ticket which includes a gun and ammunition.

Why Take Your Class with Us?
►Net cost is just a fraction of what others charge, only $19.50
►Shoot Indoors - No mud, rain, sleet, or snow
►Class and range at the same location, no extra driving
►Safe, clean, modern indoor range
►Relaxed, professional atmosphere
►Multiple Instructors for your safety
►Nationally Certified Instructors
►Nationally Certified Range Safety Officers
►No “Drill Sergeant boot camp” attitudes
►Everyone gently encouraged to succeed
►Classroom, Range, and Restrooms are ADA compliant
►Comfortable shooter’s lounge
►Large, bright, clean classroom
►State of the art electronic teaching aids
►FREE! One Day Range Pass - practice before or after your class
►No Handgun? Purchase a Premium Ticket that includes the use of our pistol with ammunition.
►$10 Off Coupon for in-store purchases.
►We serve pizza (pepperoni, sausage, bacon, or cheese) for lunch
►Free Coffee
►Soda, bottled water, and snacks available
►Convenient, easy to find on the 4-lane only two miles from I-40, Exit 356.

Let us know: If you have special needs for either the written exam or range portion of the class, please notify us so we may accommodate your needs (865-376-0793).

For this course you will need:
►Your valid Driver's License
►A handgun in safe working condition with 50 rounds of factory ammunition - no reloads or, purchase our Premium Ticket that includes the use of a pistol and the ammunition you need for class.
►Comfortable clothing (ladies, please do not wear low tops because empty shells casings are very hot and can go down your shirt front).
►Pencil and paper

We provide eye and ear protection,
We serve pizza (pepperoni, sausage, bacon, or cheese) for lunch. Bring change for soft drinks and snacks.

Graduates of this course receive the certification required to apply for a Handgun Carry Permit in the State of Tennessee.


Classes cannot be reserved without payment. You may register and pay online, by phone, or you may come to the store. Seating is limited, so don't wait until the last minute. If fewer than five students register, we may reschedule the class at no additional cost to you.

Frontier Firearms is one of Tennessee's Cleanest, Brightest, Most Modern Range!
Frontier Firearms and Family Shooting Center located in Kingston, TN is the largest independent Knoxville area gun range and gun store. Since 2000 Frontier has provided East Tennessee shooting enthusiasts with quality new and used firearms, ammunition, and shooting accessories including the latest in tactical arms and gear. Additionally, we have some of the most knowledgeable staff and firearms instructors around. We work with and train thousands of people each year. Indeed, few can match the experience and knowledge of our staff. Gun classes include NRA courses the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit class, beginning, intermediate, advanced, and private handgun instruction.

Call: 865-376-0793

Frontier Firearms is inspected by the State of Tennessee; License No. 2-73-2

Refund & Rescheduling Policy To keep our prices low, we count on every seat being filled.
Thus, if you cannot attend or otherwise miss class, we do not offer refunds. This policy is one of the reasons we can offer the Handgun Carry Permit course at such reasonable rates.
However, class fees/tickets are refundable up until seven days before the event.
After that time, tickets are NOT refundable. This policy is one of the reasons we can offer our classes at such reasonable rates.
Even if you miss class, you may purchase a TRANSFER TICKET for $15 and a small Eventbrite service charge so that you may reschedule for another class. Call 865-376-0793 for a TRANSFER TICKET promotional code.
Classes with low registration (fewer than 5) may be rescheduled at no additional cost to you.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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