Titan Yoga with Tony Ferrante


   From Tuesday, April 3rd 2018, at 17:30 (local time)
   To Tuesday, January 15th 2019, at 18:45 (local time)

    The Sunshine Factory - The Castle Building, 100 Brickhill Avenue, South Portland, United States

Titan Yoga with Tony Ferrante

No prior yoga experience is necessary in order to participate in this class designed exclusively for men. Based on the principles of Power and Yin yoga, the sequence and postures of this class are structured to build strength, improve flexibility and provide cardiovascular benefits. Following the model of traditional weight training, this class alternates between brief periods of exertion and rest; performing a series of strength building postures and alternating with intervals of rest, where you will hold Yin postures (Pigeon or Child’s pose for example).
Join me in putting the Warrior back in Warrior pose!

“ ... this was really great, I felt like I got a full body workout, AND the deep stretching that I really need. I wish I could make my friends understand how much they’d appreciate how good they’d feel after this class, I’ll definitely be at the next one.”

Tuesdays 5:30-6:45pm

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